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This is a page for listing anything you may have that you don't want any more, and might be useful/interesting to a fellow member.


  • Free! Everything must be free for this page.
  • This is not freecycle, keeps things relevant. Materials, hackable gadgets, components, etc.
  • Don't turn the Space into a dumping ground for bits/parts.
Name Item Description Location Timeframe
Darren Poulson Box of old PDAs I have a box or two of old compaq and HP PDAs (IPAQ). May have a few Palm devices in there too. Got the IPAQs to experiment with both Pluto@Home (Now Linux MCE), and installing various linux distros on them. No time to go through them, but some may work. Even a GPS jacket in the collection. My House ASAP
Darren Poulson PaperBoy arcade board I've had this for a while, from when I was messing with arcade systems. Got it off eBay and never used it. Large (A2 size) PCB, labelled as PaperBoy. My House ASAP